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Computer Says Maybe is a firm dedicated to equitable and inclusive innovation. We develop and deploy the new practices necessary to realise a just future.  We work across the technology industry, philanthropy, and civil society. 


  At the core of Agile Ethics is our belief that all technical teams can and should be capable of building products that innovate equitably.  Our goal is to standardize ethics education in the technology sector; to those ends, ware building the tools and processes needed to train the next generation of developers, designers, and founders. You can read more here.   

[3] n+1 Facilitation Studio

Building and deploying equitable technology requires creativity, inclusion, and dynamism. Effective and values-aligned facilitation is a key skill for nurturing these traits. n+1 is a facilitation studio for supporting creativity, inclusion, and dynamism in technology teams and communities. 

[1] Technical Intuition

People should feel confident and capable making personal and political choices about technology. Learning to code isn't the answer for most of us.


Technical Intuition can be grown. We are building accelerated and intensive experiences so everyone can learn to demystify, navigate and leverage the digital world. 

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